IWOCS Deployment

Caley Ocean Systems has developed a portable Intervention Work Over Control System (IWOCS) deployment system. In addition to simplifying the over boarding of IWOCS, it allows a single deployment system to be readily transported between different offshore vessels.

Rapid mobilisation and portability offshore

Mounted on a portable skid, the IWOCS Deployment System comprises two elements: a reeler/power unit, umbilical and A-frame.

Equipment fully captured during in-boarding and outboarding with minimum manual intervention, and increased protection of the equipment.

Self-contained IWOCS

The Caley IWOCS Deployment System requires less deck space, and is safer and more operationally efficient than a conventional IWOCS reeler and sheave arrangement. All operations take place within the boundary of the skid unlike a conventional IWOCS, which uses an overhead crane and significant deck areas are required to be cordoned off.

Following Caley’s successful development of an Alternative IWOCS (AIWOCS) Deployment System in 2014, the IWOCS Deployment System is the second generation of Caley’s topside handling equipment specially designed to provide access to wellheads and manifolds for intervention and workover.

The IWOCS Deployment System is suitable for use in Sea State 6 conditions, enabling intervention and workover operations in a wider range of weather conditions than conventional systems.