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Welcome to the Caley Ocean Systems Ltd web site. We are a specialist in the design, software development and manufacture of offshore handling systems for the oil and gas industry, offshore renewable energy, and oceanographic science and research. We also build heavy weather, maritime rescue boat handling systems and naval rescue vessels for a wide range of maritime clients.

Newly Upgraded Alvin Sub Passes Scientific Sea Trials

Scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have given the rebuilt Alvin submarine two thumbs up after field-testing the nation’s only human-occupied deep-sea research vehicle for the first time after a major $42-million overhaul that dramatically upgraded the sub's capabilities.  

The sea trials also assessed the research vessel Atlantis's system to launch and recover the new, heavier Alvin, including the ship's Caley A-frame, the gargantuan lift that hoists the sub off the deck and moves it off the stern, which was also significantly overhauled.

Caley A-frame launches WHOI Alvin. Photo: Chris Linder, WHOI.

Caley A-frame over 30 years service

The Caley A-frame handling system was designed and installed in 1983 to launch and recover the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's submersible 'Alvin' from the RV Atlantis II. The original Alvin submersible weighed 35,000 lbs (15,909 kg), later upgraded to 40,000 lbs (18,182 kg) when the A-frame was overhauled and moved to RV Atlantis in 1996.

The latest mechanical, hydraulic and electrical upgrade of the Caley A-frame enables the launch and recovery of the new 'Alvin' submersible weighing 50,000 lbs (22,727 kg). Part of the project also involved the installation of a larger winch, high performance synthetic ropes and light tension control system, to provide accurate handling control of Alvin.