Hose Handling

Caley Ocean Systems has developed a large diameter hose deployment system for installation of reinforced, bonded rubber hose offloading lines for a catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) buoy.

Assembly and deployment of lengths of hose, fitted with buoyancy modules

A-frame assembly including winches and lifting gear and outrigging platform structure designed to withstand 200 tons of load, including clamp, guidance system, handrails and walkways, and 6.8m diameter deployment wheel.

Compared with other hose deployment systems, the Caley system offers easier handling and shorter overall cycle times. Guidance of the hose both above and below the deployment system’s friction clamp enables safer operation and handling.

Fully tested at Caley’s quayside facility, in Glasgow, the system has been successfully used to deploy two FPSO offloading lines without any disruption in the hose assembly process.