Dive Bell Handling Systems

Caley Ocean Systems offers a full range of dive handling solutions, fully certified by the leading certifying authorities and in full compliance with IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) guidelines. All Caley dive bell handling systems are custom-designed to meet project requirements.

Handling systems configured for either ‘over-the-side’ or moonpool operation

A-Frame launch, support and recovery of diving bell and guide wire clump weight

Accurate, reliable control of the diving bell in a wide range of sea conditions

Caley’s passive in-line heave reduction system reduces the effect of the ship’s motion, maintaining the stability of the diving bell during submerge and descent

Caley dive bell handling systems comprise A-frame assembly, together with bell wire, guide wire and umbilical winches.

Caley builds all the winches at the heart of the dive systems; these use variable speed electric drives for optimal control and accuracy. The winch base frame can be bolted to a suitably prepared deck stool, and supplied with certified lifting points. These features, combined with a number of other technical and design enhancements such as compliance with Norwegian marine safety regulations, put Caley diving bell systems at the leading edge of saturation diving technology.