Deepwater Installation

With more processing equipment and functions traditionally based topside being deployed subsea to deeper waters, so the industry is pushing the limits of installation engineering technologies. Caley Ocean Systems has experience of deepwater deployment systems at waters depths up to 2,000m.

Deepwater deployment projects have included:

Deployment and overboarding system of the MARS (Multiple Application Re-injection System)

IWOCS Deployment – rapid mobilisation and portability offshore

Deepwater Lowering System (DLS) for subsea structures weighing up to 950Te in water depths in excess of 1,300m.

Caley deepwater deployment systems combine:

Over 40 years solid offshore handling systems engineering

Innovative handling system design

Industry leading A-frame, winch, and reeler technologies

Steel wire, fibre rope and ‘steel-like fibre rope

Proven technology and handling systems expertise.