High Capacity Cable Carousels

Since delivering their first system in the mid ‘90s, Caley has established itself as the UK’s leading supplier of bespoke, modular carousels, turntables and spoolers for handling a wide range of rigid and flexible pipe products including cables, umbilicals, dynamic risers and hoses.

Carousel systems from 400 T to 9,000 T – the world’s largest carousel (OD 32m)
Portable modular carousel, sea and road transportable
Self-contained spooler and drive systems

Caley provides complete carousels / turntables systems:
Basket (open lattice outer wall, and closed hub for installing partitions) and reel design with either electric or hydraulic drive units,together with spooling towers and loading arms, tensioners, cable tracks and the system controls, fully integrated hydraulic power units (HPUs), redundant drives and integral dual redundant braking system and associated equipment.

Designed to ensure ease of loading and discharge, Caley offers a complete customisation service for Carousels, Turntables and Spoolers taking into account the size of the vessel, type of product and diameter, and loading and discharging speeds.