Caley’s high performance winch systems thrive in demanding offshore environments. Our systems can be hydraulically or electrically driven, and are suitable for deck operations or within purpose-built winch rooms. Our in-house high tension spooling facility can test a winch and associated level wind, saving clients time and money.

Traction Winches use Caley’s proven traction winch technology to handle high tension, heavy loads which produce high resultant side loads. Our range of ‘SMART’ winch systems incorporate fully active heave compensation, which ensures accurate and safe load handling. Special multi-drive winches can handle synthetic ropes for heavy lift and deepwater mooring applications.

Storage Winchesare designed for the deployment and recovery of cables, hoses and umbilicals. Our custom-built, compact units have 2.5 to 5-tonnne pull capacity, and can store up to 400m of 60mm cable. The PLC controlled winches provide accurate control and response times.

Umbilical Winchesincorporate level wind and adjustable render control, allowing accurate ROV deployment and recovery.

Abandonment and Recovery Winchesare available in a range of capacities and sizes, and have hydraulic or electric motors. Their cable capacity reaches 4000m for loads weighing up to 200-tonnes.