Caley has been building caterpillar pipe / cable tensioners for a number of years, all of which feature standard, multi-track sets and removable gripper pads, together with out-of-body cable handling, with tension capacities from 1 to 100 tonne.

Available in 1 to 4 track configurations, with hydraulic or electric drives

Fully self contained systems or configurable as part of a pipe or cable lay system

Cable and pipe present their own handling challenges: linear cable require low tension and high speed, while pipe needs high tension and low speed. The tensioner is tightly integrated with the carousel / turntable to compensate for cable / pipe movement regardless of the motion of the vessel, allowing better control of cable / pipe laying and avoiding over tensioning.

Out-of-body cable tensioners

Caley has developed the industry’s first cable tensioner able to accommodate both cable and outsized bodies, allowing uninterrupted tensioning of the cable during deepwater installation.

For one project, Caley has supplied a bespoke, high redundancy system, utilising three 8m tensioners operating in series to one another. The fully compliant tracks are able to pass the outsized bodies, many times larger than the cable, while maintaining an even contact pressure and outboard tension. Each standalone tensioner is fully containerised, with sea fastenings, and integral HPUs.